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New Fiber Build Out in Corning, McCrory, &


Currently Underway

SkyFiNet is currently building out its new fiber to the home (FTTH) in Corning, McCrory, & Patterson Arkansas. Call today to get on our list so you can receive a call when service is available in your area.

Advanced Technology


Fastest Speeds


Powerful Infrastructure


We use and deploy the latest technology available to bring you the most advanced wireless service. We also stay on top of new technologies to keep up with the ever growing demand for more data and faster speeds!

We offer the fastest speeds available via a Fiber Optic network and a vast Wireless infrastructure across Arkansas. We also offer dedicated speeds up to 2.5Gbps for your business, school, or government needs.

We set ourselves apart from the competition in all categories, but we believe the most important part of any service we offer is dependability. We strive to go above and beyond when building a site to provide uninterrupted service, including lightning prevention, stand-by power and battery backup.